Why do volunteer work? Here are some thoughts.

Want to develop your professional networks, and get in touch with others? Then you should consider volunteering for an organization you like! Maybe even for one of Tekna’s professional networks and local networks in Oslo?

As a Tekna member you have access to all our networks! And if you want to contribute? We are always looking for enthusiastic Tekna members who want to share their interest and knowledge with us, and other Tekna members.

It does not matter if you work in the IT industry, while at the same time have an interest in biotechnology and climate issues. Feel free to join the network you like; Big Data network, Biotek network or Klima network – all at the same time.

  • Did you know that by volunteering, it can make you feel like you have more time on your hands?
  • And that volunteering your skills can help you to further develop your talents and learn something new, maybe even a new language?
  • By volunteering you build your experience, which can be beneficial for your career.

But the most important reason for many of our members, is that you meet new people and expand your social and professional network.

Want to contribute?

Living in the Oslo region, you can join our local networks. Approximately 100 members in our region develop an extensive program each year. They organize events such as courses, meetings and company tours.

Curious on how you can contribute? Want to learn more about our activities? Why not sign up for Tekna Ung’s annual meeting in August? You’ll learn more about their plans for autumn, and find a level of activity that suits your life situation.

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