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What’s Your Feeling About Phone Interviews?

Maybe you applied for a job a few weeks ago — ? One you really wanted and actually felt quite qualified for? You open your e-mail one day, and there’s one in your in box from the company where you’re trying to get hired. Get a happy shot of adrenaline when you see their name … les mer

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How to Answer the Interview Question: “So, how long do you plan on staying here?”

I recently got an e-mail from a woman that went something like this: “Last week I was being interviewed for a promotion within my company, and was one of several applicants being considered for the job. Thought things were going rather well until the interviewer suddenly asked me, ‘So how long do you plan on … les mer

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The Intercultural Interview Dating Game: Us vs Them?

Sometimes the best thing to come out of a training course for students is not what they learn from the instructor but rather what they remember from talking with their classmates about work-related experiences they’ve gone through that have been both painful and humbling. And then leaving the classroom knowing that they’re not the only … les mer

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