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Meeting People: What do you tell them about yourself?

Question: When I meet someone new in Norway, how long should my answer be when they ask me to tell them about myself? Answer: It’s up to you. But it’s smart to keep it short and to the point. Foreign-born people have asked me this question many times over the years. When I give the … les mer

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Integration at Work: Simply the Best?

If you’ve lived in Norway for awhile, you’ll be familiar with the funny ad campaigns run by one of the grocery chains here. In the TV ads, some humorous situation is played out in the extreme, yet always ends with this message on the screen: “the simple is often the best.” This phrase could apply … les mer

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Competitive Conversation: Fighting the Phone

What is it with people and their phones? Picture the scene: You’re at a big work-related dinner in a big hotel dining room, where the terrible acoustics mean that the entire space is buzzing and bursting with noisy chatter. The servers haven’t come around yet to pour the white wine that will go with your … les mer

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