Relationships Working for You?

How do you feel about relationship?

When you read that question, what probably popped into your mind right away was all the people in your life outside of work. All the people with whom you have some sort of connection, be it biological and/or emotional. Parents, siblings, partner, spouse, children, and so on.

Your second thought might have been that no matter how you feel about relationship, the word affects your life every day, for good or bad.

How do you feel about acronyms?

When you read that question, did you think back to your days at school, when you used them to memorize terms that were coming up on, say, a biology test? Cell = Candy Eat Licorice Lollipop (or something similar)

Here’s an acronym using ‘relationship’:







Open (show emotions)

Nothing (have no personal agenda)






When you first read these words, did you think that this rather long acronym was probably used in some sort of seminar on how to make your personal relationships better?

You’d be right, it was. So go ahead and apply it to your personal life and see if the words in the list might help you if you applied them in that context.

Yet what if you could use this acronym to make your work relationships better, too?

After all, people = relationships, and you’re ‘in a relationship’ both off the job and on.

How are your relationships working for you?

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