Presentation: Bloodhound Supersonic Car – The need for speed

Just how fast can a supersonic car travel over land?

In 1997 driver Andy Green found out in his Thrust SSC: 763 MPH/1,228 KPH.
Now he wants to beat his own record.

The goal? Drive the new Bloodhound SSC and reach a speed over 1,000MPD/1,6000 KPH

But will the project management team manage to meet this goal?
After all, what could possibly go wrong when trying to design and implement a car meant to break the current land speed record by 33%?

Engineering Director of the Bloodhound Project Mark Chapman came to Tekna of May and presented the project and the challenges his team is facing in pursuit of their never-been-done-before goal.
See recordings from the presentation in Oslo:

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