What Not to Ask a Foreigner

Don’t you miss your familiy? Les mer

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The Unspoken Yet Real Reason You Didn’t Get Called For That Job Interview

I just finished reading an article on LinkedIn entitled, ‘The Real Reason You Didn’t Get That Job’ by LI Influencer Liz Ryan in which she lists five potential changes in the company at which ‘you’ have just interviewed that may have prevented ‘you’ from getting hired. These changes include having the company cut the position … les mer

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Interview Poker: The Danger of Keeping Your Cards (Too) Close to Your Chest

While a job interview should be a lively, interesting conversation between two professionals exchanging experiences and ideas, all too often it can turn into something resembling an interrogation of the jobseeker by the employer. Les mer

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Minding the Gap of Underemployment

Halfway through my course on interview technique (in English) last week, I brought up the slide on which appeared what turned out to be a dreaded interview question: “So, please tell me/us, why do you want to leave your current job?” A few minutes before these fear-inducing words were shown on the screen, I had … les mer

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Praise Be – Or Not?

Last fall in Bergen, Norway, an unexpected thing happened while I was teaching an evening course on interview technique in English to a group of unemployed engineers who had lost their jobs because of downsizing related to the offshore oil industry. After having given them a long list of positive adjectives – creative, loyal, hardworking, … les mer

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How to Break My Language Barrier

Patience and Participation: The Keys to the Communication Castle? Over the course of a regular workday in the global workplace, several small and seemingly insignificant events may take place in the life of a foreign-born employee whose language is one other than that of the native population among which he/she works. This person has a … les mer

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The Norwegian Model

A high number of foreign nationals work in Norway; a high number of foreign nationals want to work in Norway. Having been a ‘permanent resident alien’ of the country for more than 20 years, I took a moment the other day to think about what working in this country has meant to me. Les mer

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Say What? Foreign Language Anxiety in the Global Workplace

The only thing worse than not understanding someone else when they’re speaking is having the feeling that you’re not making yourself understood when doing the same. Les mer

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Conference Speakers: Do they ever learn?

There is an old phrase in English that warns against what can happen when people gain too much power and status in society – ‘the higher they rise, the harder they fall’. Webster’s online dictionary gives the following explanation of this phrase by declaring that ‘the more important or powerful a person is, the more difficult it is for them when they lose their power or importance’.

Judging by the presentations given by various industry leaders at a conference I recently attended, I would alter this phrase slightly by saying ‘the higher they rise, the more they lose touch with what their audience wants to hear’. Les mer

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Paying It Forward: A Culture of Sharing in Business

This idea of paying it forward instead of back is not new, but rather has been in circulation for several years. The concept is that you do a good deed for a third party after somebody else has done something positive for you. It differs from the idea of donating money to a good cause, for example Red Cross, by emphasizing the importance of your actively helping another individual – in whatever great or small way this may be – by doing it in person. Les mer

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