No, Really: Why Didn’t I Get the Job? Foreign Speakers’ Need to Be in the Interview Feedback Loop

Recently, I posted an article about our need to find out why we didn’t get a job offer after being interviewed. Something we said? Didn’t say? Just the basic ‘wrong background’ story? Unfortunately, interviewees quite often get a corporate-speak e-mail thanking them for their time, etc., but offering no real reason why they didn’t get … les mer

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Networking Nerves: Is the Tip Included?

In the interest of following the current trend of writing advice in the form of tip lists, I’ll try to keep this introduction short and my ensuing list shorter still: A woman told me the other day about a conference she has coming up where the presentations given will all be in her line of … les mer

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Application Letter Writing: A Little (List) Goes a Long Way

In my most recent blog post, I wrote about how job-seekers need to use active verbs in their writing in order for the reader to understand what they actually did/are doing at work. An extension of this advice is that you should write use these verbs to “write clearly and concisely” in both your CV … les mer

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CV Writing: Don’t Just Be Responsible, Be Active

It happened once again – the course takers (mine) taught the course instructor (me) something new. At an evening CV-writing course a few weeks ago, we had come to the part where we talked about how and what to write when filling out ‘Work Experience’. I told those present that the traditional phrase of ‘I … les mer

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Møteplassen: CV and application letter writing in English

Are you thinking about submitting your next CV and application letter in English? Watch video from seminar. Les mer

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LinkedIn Learning: Summarizing Yourself in Five (Easy*) Steps

My most recent blog topic was about how interviewees often default to using the word “nice” to describe themselves if they haven’t prepared for their interview. I think that this same reluctance to be more open about their positive personal qualities and work-related talents answers in part the question about why, for example, a website … les mer


When Just Being Nice Won’t Cut It: Why You Need Interview Adjectives/Examples

Does anybody actually enjoy being interviewed? Sitting in the hot seat being grilled and judged and found…acceptable? …wanting? Probably not, which is why people attend interview technique courses to learn how to best handle this rather falsely constructed, yet necessary, situation when trying to land a new job. At a recent evening course on this … les mer

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Why You Should Post on LinkedIn

Below is a link to a presentation I recently gave to a women’s networking group about why they should write and publish posts on LinkedIn. Using my own process of how I got started posting as an example, I encouraged them to do this in order to both gain a sense of accomplishment and increase … les mer

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‘Why didn’t I get the job?’: Playing the Sympathy Card

My recent article about not getting the first job I ever interviewed for in Norway triggered a certain number of comments. While this is always a welcome thing for a blogger (to paraphrase circus owner P.T. Barnum, ‘There’s no such thing as bad reader response’?), what was especially interesting about these was the writers’ underlying … les mer

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‘Why didn’t I get the job?’: Our Need for Post-Interview Answers

Even though it took place a good many years ago, I still remember my first interview in Norway. I had answered a newspaper ad posting a teaching job at a newly started school in the area. The student body was made up of adults (as in age 19 and over) who were either going back … les mer

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