The Intercultural Interview Dating Game: Us vs Them?

Sometimes the best thing to come out of a training course for students is not what they learn from the instructor but rather what they remember from talking with their classmates about work-related experiences they’ve gone through that have been both painful and humbling. And then leaving the classroom knowing that they’re not the only … les mer

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Cross-Cultural Confusion: What’s Not to Love at an Interview?

I went on LinkedIn the other day and read an article whose title had caught my eye: ‘The 3 Secrets to Landing a Job When the Company Isn’t Hiring’ by American business consultant Avery Blank. When clicking on the link to open this page, I admitted to myself that the keywords ‘secret’ and ‘landing’ had … les mer

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Beyond Networking: Learn to Ask the Quality Question

On an average annual basis, thousands of employees in international companies spend thousands of hours attending courses, seminars, workshops, presentations, etc. about how to understand other people’s cultures, including their norms and values (the reason they do things the way they do). They attend these often compulsory training sessions so that they will become better … les mer


To Correct or Not to Correct: When Should Native Speakers Speak Up?

Foreign language learners in the global workplace make spoken and written errors in their new language on a daily basis. Quite often, at least in technology-driven companies, they have been hired because of their education and work background, and not their proficiency in their host country’s native language. While they coast along in English for … les mer


But It’s Not My Fault: Business E-Mail Etiquette When Your Sender Can’t Write Right

Yet another interesting aspect of modern communication came up during my most recent business e-mail writing course – interesting as I had certainly never thought of it before. Interesting because it showed a more sensitive side of human nature appearing in the otherwise fast-paced, hardened world of modern business. What came up and out in … les mer

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Less is More: Business E-Mail Insecurity Issues

A surprisingly large crowd showed up at my evening course last week on how to write correct business e-mails in English. As I looked out at the many faces expectantly looking back at me, I tried to remember back to when we all first starting this mode of written communication. Tried but failed to date … les mer

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Techie Talk: Do technical presentations need to live up to their reputation?

“There’s truth in every stereotype” – or is there? People attending my course on intercultural communication seem to like discussing this statement, at times to a point of seemingly no return. They give examples to show why or why not they find these words to be true, and never do seem to arrive at any … les mer

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Stop in the Name of Workplace Inclusion

At a recent course on intercultural communication in the workplace, I had just given my ‘do’s and don’ts’ advice on how newcomers to Norway should never wait to take the initiative in starting up conversations with native speakers: “Don’t wait for them to talk to you, but rather bring up some topic that you have … les mer

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What Not to Say to a Foreigner

Don’t make fun of a co-worker’s accent Les mer

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What Not to Ask a Foreigner

Don’t you miss your familiy? Les mer

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