Making New Connections: (How to) Write a LinkedIn Message

You need to write a message every time you send someone a connection request. You really do.

Just clicking ‘Connect’ and expecting a positive response isn’t going to cut it anymore.

Maybe it used to, but as LI activity is heating up, more people are getting choosier about accepting the increasing number of requests coming up in their profile and/or e-mail inbox.

Have spoken with several managers and recruiters over the past year who say they click Ignore whenever they receive a request that is…just a request.

It’s lazy, says one.

It’s sort of arrogant, says another.

Lazy because the person didn’t make the effort to write a few words introducing themselves to a stranger.

Sort of arrogant because it’s perceived that the sender assumes you’ll accept just because of the fact that they’ve sent it to you.

You wouldn’t write a business e-mail to a new contact without introducing yourself, would you?

So don’t do it here.

It’s easy, I’ll show you:

Hi _____,

I work for _____, and my office is in ______.

I find your profile very interesting and would appreciate finding out more about your field.

It would be great if you would like to become part of my LinkedIn network.

Apologies if you are not open to this approach.

Kind regards,


(Remember: this is for the ‘cold call’ when you haven’t met this person before. There is more to write when you’ve met someone at a conference, etc.)

Could this work for you? Try it and find out – nothing ventured nothing gained, including the chance to make LI contacts that will grow your network in the right direction.

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