Lecture: Philosophy of Leadership

If you look up an English translation for the Norwegian word ‘leder’, there are often two words that come up: manager and leader. While the first word seems limited to the private world of business, the second comprises so much more – qualities many of us would like to have, including knowledge, decisiveness, courage, in all life situations, both in the working world and outside of it as well.

It’s easy enough to call someone a leader. Yet how do we go further and define what a good leader is? Or good leadership?

Listen to Leif-Runar Forsth, a theoretical physicist, philosopher and experienced leader. He takes us on a journey through time in his discussion of leadership both past and present.

Part 1

Part 2

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  1. Hi,
    I tried to connect online but did not go through. Can you provide a video record about the event?
    Thank you.
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    1. Hi Tome
      We are live streaming from a lot of our arrangements, but usually in Norwegian, not in English. If Norwegian is OK, you will find å lot of them under other Tekna blogs up to the right on this page.

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