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No, Really: Why Didn’t I Get the Job? Foreign Speakers’ Need to Be in the Interview Feedback Loop

Recently, I posted an article about our need to find out why we didn’t get a job offer after being interviewed. Something we said? Didn’t say? Just the basic ‘wrong background’ story? Unfortunately, interviewees quite often get a corporate-speak e-mail thanking them for their time, etc., but offering no real reason why they didn’t get … les mer

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Lost in (Cyber) Space?: Sending Your Application Into the Webcruiter Black Hole

As Robert from Duluth (or Hibbing, depending on who you ask) sang so many years ago, The Times They Are a-Changin’; never more so than in the workplace, as I was recently reminded of when becoming an evening student myself at a resumé and application letter writing course. And must admit that while sitting there … les mer

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Minding the Gap of Underemployment

Halfway through my course on interview technique (in English) last week, I brought up the slide on which appeared what turned out to be a dreaded interview question: “So, please tell me/us, why do you want to leave your current job?” A few minutes before these fear-inducing words were shown on the screen, I had … les mer

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