Author: Karin Lee

How Not to Get Burned in the Interview Hot Seat

I’ve got a job interview on Monday morning. I know no one at this workplace and know only a bit about the workplace itself. What I do know is something about the job itself, as I’ve held onto the job description (more about this below). What to do to best prepare myself for sitting in … les mer

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How/Why Should You Write a CV Summary?

Wondering what your CV Summary should look like? Read on. This must be the season for CV writing, as I’ve been busy lately editing an extraordinary number of them, mostly from graduate students entering the final phase of their studies and looking ahead to the world of work. But I’ve noticed that the CV a … les mer

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LinkedIn Connections: Time to grow/weed your garden?

Is it time to grow your LI Connections garden? Or weed it? Back when I was first learning about LinkedIn, mostly by attending courses on how best to use it to ‘grow my network’, it was indeed more like a social network. For business purposes, mind, but more personal, if you can say that about … les mer

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Have You Looked at Your LinkedIn Headline Lately?

What are you? Maybe you were raised with the thought that you’d ‘be’ something when you grew up? Maybe that something was a job with a title? Because it’s an important part of your identity that tells everyone else what you do. Many people are proud of their job titles, and that’s not a bad … les mer

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Meeting People: What do you tell them about yourself?

Question: When I meet someone new in Norway, how long should my answer be when they ask me to tell them about myself? Answer: It’s up to you. But it’s smart to keep it short and to the point. Foreign-born people have asked me this question many times over the years. When I give the … les mer

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What’s Your Feeling About Phone Interviews?

Maybe you applied for a job a few weeks ago — ? One you really wanted and actually felt quite qualified for? You open your e-mail one day, and there’s one in your in box from the company where you’re trying to get hired. Get a happy shot of adrenaline when you see their name … les mer

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Can You Find the Mistake?

Last week I had to take an online editing test where the instructions were as follows: There are 16 mistakes in grammar/spelling/punctuation in the following paragraph. Find them and correct them. The first 12 mistakes jumped out at me, and I fixed them fairly quickly. But the last 4 weren’t as easy to spot, and … les mer

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Working in Norway: The Colleague Conversation

Yet another reason to be happy that you’re working in Norway? Consider the Norwegian term medarbeidersamtale. It’s one of those long words where Norwegians stick two nouns together to form a new one. Which they do a lot in this country, much to the confusion of foreigners trying to learn the language. Anyway, roughly translated, … les mer

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Phone Follow-up: Job Seeking in a Perfect World

If there’s one thing I’d wish for you as a job seeker, it’d be that whenever you called the organization where you’ve either applied or are thinking of applying, you’d be met with kindness by whoever answers the phone that day. You’d hear a friendly voice giving the name of the place and asking how … les mer

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Hate Your CV? Try Some TLC

I’ve realized lately how many job seekers have written to me saying — more or less — that they hate their CV. “More or less” because while they don’t often use the strong verb “hate”, they do use other words that imply the same thing: I really can’t stand…am very frustrated with…am so disappointed with…my … les mer

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